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December Article: Happy New Year for 2017

The end of the year is near. While everyone is counting down the minutes to midnight and making their New Year Resolutions, I am writing these lines from the Departure Lounge of an airport, about to return home, from what is my last trip of the year; a good year…but an unusual one.

2016 has been an unusual year in every sense of the word, and I do not mean from a personal perspective nor at Lifting Group, rather the news and events that have come as a surprise on a number of occasions.

I do not mean that we can not believe that these events have taken place rather that all of them have occurred in 2016…just that. We have woken up one morning and learned that the USA have a President that no-one expected, that the UK have decided to leave the European Union, the same with the transition after Fidel Castro, the loss of David Bowie, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, and the mass terrorist attacks perpetrating large European capitals. With respect to the Economy, positive things have happened rather than negative that leaves you with the uncertainty of what is going to really happen in 2017… or do we? Maybe we really do know what is going to happen. It will be what we want to happen, or rather, what happens to us, on a both personal and business level.

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I have always believed in leadership as being the start and finish of our next steps. Given that growth is based on uncertainty, curiosity and on how we resolve both in a way that is in line with our objectives. Leadership is: thinking, visualising, defining, resolving, analysing, and then doing it all again. a threshold that I always try to keep present in my mind and that helps us to evolve.

I already have a clear idea of my objectives for 2017. Do you? Do not get caught halfway through the countdown to midnight… start the New Year knowing what it is going to be like instead of asking what it is going to bring for us.

Happy New Year!




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