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Free Falling, our parent company launches a new website

After more than 12 years operating nationally and internationally, helping several companies from different sectors to grow, building new business and operating in various national and international markets, Free Falling, led by David Garcia and Rodrigo Cernadas, goes one step further and is relaunched in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Based in Barcelona, ​​Free Falling is committed to consolidating projects and businesses, forging long-term relationships with its partners.

Free Falling is focused on creating businesses with high growth potential, scalable and with internationalization possibilities. Under the premises Better | Digital | Global and with a long entrepreneurial career, it offers mentoring and advice to all those who have a business project, providing support at the operational, team or financial level (depending on their needs and/or scope).

A new website to capture the DNA of Free Falling

The new Free Falling website wants to reflect the company’s own values, betting on promoting projects that add value to society and that are capable of transforming the world around us into a positive one.

Under this spirit of vitality and with a clear objective: to work on exciting projects that are capable of breaking with the established and transforming its industry, the company has launched a new website in which it shares data on its main businesses, the milestones achieved in recent years, as well as relevant content for future entrepreneurs seeking advice and mentorship to turn their project into a successful business.

We invite you to discover and share this new web page of the group. We hope that it will be a focus for attracting innovation and new talent that we are looking for to continue advancing and growing as a company but also on a personal level, enjoying this exciting path.

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