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Globergy launches corporate website in collaboration with Lifting Group

Globergy is an installation and maintenance company for industrial, petroleum and home equipment. It provides comprehensive solutions at the level of technical service, maintenance and installation of multiple energy equipment, with the vocation of being the ally for the energy maintenance of the home and industry.

Its mission is focused on providing technical energy solutions to all its customers for their well-being and peace of mind, contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency.

Its activity focuses on the maintenance of diesel boilers and tanks (reviews, cleaning, breakdowns, installation, etc.), and incorporates, with the entry of Teccar and other entities, the B2B services of oil installation and maintenance (adaptation, actions in EESS, tightness and refibrating tests, engineering projects and Adblue supply).

Globergy works to become the best option to meet the needs of its customers, as well as comprehensive providers of energy resources, guaranteeing maximum safety, quality and service. Its commercial operations are focused on telephone sales and commercial follow-up, with a broad client base in the area of ​​Catalonia and Aragon.

After having worked with them for a previous consulting project, the challenge now was to create a fully corporate website, capable of transmitting the brand’s own values ​​and reporting on all the services that Globergy has, thus being a of reference where to enhance its visibility and knowledge.

With the proposal of this digital project, what was intended from the beginning was to create a single space where the user could quickly and easily access information about those promotions available in progress.

Both our Imagine Creative Ideas team and the digital project teams wanted this project to achieve:

  • Greater visibility of the company and available services
  • Presence and scope in the markets where they operate
  • Greater engagement with your audience
  • Continue to be a benchmark company in the sector
  • Capture potential customers

In order for the project to be manageable in a simple way, the teams involved have developed a web project based on WordPress with multiple functionalities and subcategories of services, adapting at all times to the needs established by the client.

The teams have managed to create and design a modern, functional website, in accordance with the values ​​that the brand has always wanted to convey.

With this new corporate page, Globergy manages to enhance and make its brand visible, transmitting the company’s values ​​and philosophy, and promoting the company’s acquisitions of new talent.

We invite you to discover the new website and we hope to continue adding many more years and projects hand in hand with Globergy.



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