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Indo Optical relies again on Lifting Group for the creation of a diagnosis and measurement platform for childhood myopia

Indo Optical trust again Lifting Group for a new digital project, this time it is an ambitious project that serves as a tool for specialists to control and monitor childhood myopia.

Since its initial conception, both Indo Optical and Lifting Group have had clear premises both in the design and in the handling of the tool. Taking care of usability at all times with a simple and intuitive navigation flow and creating a visual aspect where the corporate identity is respected, but at the same time establishes a clean environment, comfortable at a visual level and using visual elements in the key places of the tool. and references intended for a child audience. The project aims not only to be a solution for the professional, but also for the latter to be able to use the tool to show and share data with the child patient and her family. That it fulfills the dual purpose of a control and monitoring tool, as a counseling and motivational platform so that minors, as well as their families, can follow the established recommendations and treatments.

It is a personalized project, made entirely to measure, working with the open source Laravel framework and using layout and programming standards. Responsive, with a hideable side menu, with vertical scrolling in the central content part, simplicity in the color scheme, large buttons and simple navigation flow. Work has been done to obtain a product with an optimal user experience both in computer and tablet navigation.

Main functions of the tool:

  • Management of scheduled visits. Main panel with a list sorted by upcoming visits and different filter options. In addition, a powerful search engine with different combinable fields to be able to cover the different cases that the professional may have for the management of their patients and visits.

  • Vertical sequential menu, ordered according to the usual process of tasks and usual steps to perform in a patient visit. Collapsible menu for greater adaptability of the tool to different types of screen.

  • Optics configuration panel, to add logo and data of the optician and for the management of optometrists with access to the application.

  • Patient discharge, management of measures

  • History of measures and treatments

  • Prognostic graphs according to initial patient data.

  • “Risk calculator” tool, for the preparation of projections according to risk factors and ‘PopUp Recommendations’

  • Evolution graphs based on patient follow-up and informative texts for patients with conclusions about the evolution.

  • Informative/educational content on myopia

  • Creation of personalized PDF report per patient with selectable sections and with the possibility of downloading, sending and printing.

After months of intense work, Indo Optical and Lifting Group finished the first functional version of the IndoMedcare Myopia project so that it could begin to be distributed in opticians to help professionals in the sector in the early detection of childhood myopia. In this way, they have a tool that makes it easier for them to monitor and review the evolution of their patients, which allows them to draw conclusions to apply the most appropriate treatment for the little ones. The work does not end, and after this first version we are already working on new features and implementing improvements to the tool.

Indo Optical is a leading brand in the ophthalmic lens and equipment market for opticians and ophthalmologists. It designs and manufactures ophthalmic lenses, and markets capital goods for opticians and ophthalmologists. Indo Optical is a pioneer company in the sector with a long history of more than 80 years.

The challenge for Indo is to continue to be the reference in new value proposals to the market with a vision based on sustainability and technology that allows them to move forward with innovative proposals to meet the demands of society.

Today Indo Optical has different platforms and tools for its network of distributors (opticians and ophthalmologists), among them we can find:

  • IndoBox.
  • Indonesian.
  • Indoshow.
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  • Indoapps.
  • IndoMedcare.
  • IndoAcademy.



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