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Nutriexperts launches a new website

Nutriexperts was born under one of the Free Falling teams with the aim of redefining the world of natural supplements. Just like Free Falling, Nutriexperts has its own roots in consulting and strategic services. Innovation and Passion is part of its DNA.

The company constantly seeks to transform the industry by creating those products necessary for its customers, implementing synergies between the best quality ingredients to generate better results. Their experience in the fields of food supplements, vitamins, nutrition and personal care has led them to establish trusted associations with customers and partners around the world.

Their customer service is based on detail and open, unidirectional communication, offering the best possible experience. The portfolio is made up of brands that are ensured to be relevant to people and focused on well-being.

Nutriexperts has an Omnichannel mentality, where they firmly believe that the customer is the Why of the Core Business and for which they will try to guarantee that their brands and products are available regardless of the channel.

In order to respond to this guarantee, the company works with the best specialized distributors, capable of generating a close relationship with the client and thus promoting the growth of its partners, which are both the Distribution Channel, Pharma Channel and within the Digital Channel both platforms specialized as Marketplaces.

Imagine Creative Ideas defined and worked on the creation of the web project for Nutriexperts, where the company’s own DNA and the portfolio of brands focused on people’s well-being could be easily explained with visual content.

During the development process as well as for its final publication, it has been sought at all times for the website to breathe the company’s own identity, in accordance with the same visual line and content, capable of transmitting the Core business of Nutriexperts.

The look & feel that has been designed allows us to provide a simpler and more informative user experience while at the same time giving the customer the ease of finding what they need.



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