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Lift Group | We celebrate 15 years of history between vineyards

As we have been communicating throughout the month of June, this year we are celebrating, nothing more and nothing less than 15 years building the future and helping companies to respond quickly and efficiently, to lead the dynamics of the market and to grow successfully.

Being like this and facing a celebration as important as this, we decided to design and organize a special event, full of culture and history. So for a whole day we moved to Oller del Mas, a farm with more than 1,000 years of history, surrounded by vineyards and a spectacular landscape typical of Pla de Bages. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate and meet all the teams from the different offices and connect.

The day was organized by several Team Building activities, so it was a full day, full of emotions, laughter, strategies and, above all, teamwork. Each and every one of the activities was designed to generate greater team cohesion, work enjoying and learning by competing with each other.

Here is a review of the activities we carry out and the results of some of them:

The first of the activities was called “Wine Creation”, a workshop where the objective was to make us all feel like authentic winemakers capable of creating their own wines and selling them like great experts. Without a doubt, this activity was quite a challenge, where the oenologist in all of us was put to the test, demonstrating the ability to work as a team and our expertise in the field to sell the product.

The result? The creation of 7 magnificent wines based on different stories capable of selling themselves.

Once we finished this activity, we went on to a fun team competition where the strategist and betting skills of each one of us were enhanced. This activity called “Mercado la Ley” was a fun Team Building where teams and in a very fun way we had to bet on the correct answer, just as it is done in casinos. The experience was very fun, as the teams were able to show their side not only more competitive but also knowledgeable about general culture.

Last but not least, all the teams were able to take a walk through the vineyards and a tasting of the estate’s own wines. During this walk through the vineyards, what they wanted to convey to us was the value, effort and involvement of the farm in being part of the sustainability of the planet, in the creation and dedication to the environment that surrounds them.

A totally rewarding and interesting visit where you will discover a millenary natural environment, with an ecological winery and a vocational spirit, which has kept the history of the Margenat family alive for more than 36 generations. And of course, it could not be missing, ending the walk with a tasting of its most radical wines.


After the activities we all met in a chill out area with music where we all shared the most fun of the day while enjoying the scenery and good company.

With these activities, what we were looking for, in addition to having a good experience, is to strengthen the internal bond between teams and members in a fun and very dynamic way. One of the key factors was the variety in which the teams were made, allowing members who had never had the opportunity to work side by side before, to do so in a fun and diligent way, generating greater cohesion within the company.

Throughout the day you could breathe a lot of energy, motivation and above all good atmosphere and great dynamism among all, which made us and continues to make us especially proud of all the people who are part of Free Falling.



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