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Lifting Group collaborates with the Andi Sabadell Association

Since we started in the exciting Lifting Group project, we had always wanted to collaborate with a social project carried out by an entity that was fully involved in our society.

At Lifting Group we are impressed with the work, involvement and dedication of the Andi Sabadell Association.

Andi Sabadell, intends that young people and adults can enjoy a life as normal as possible, through different programs and services with which each one of them grows in confidence, in autonomy, and shows their skills, humanizing and raising awareness society on the capacities of the group.

Under all the activities carried out by the association, we were especially drawn to the job placement program, helping many of them to have the opportunity to work in the labor market. In order to make this a reality, a training period must be previously carried out where we from Lifting Group were able to take part and do our bit.

The Initial Professional Qualification Program is a training program for labor insertion in the ordinary company.

From Lifting Group we want to thank the Andi Sabadell association for its great work in this field of social responsibility, who seek to promote equal treatment and opportunities for children and young people with intellectual disabilities.

If you want to know more about the association and current projects, we leave you the link to its website below: Andi Sabadell





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