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Lifting Group responsible for the layout of the Exploitation Report of Aigües of Barcelona

Lifting Group, from its creative and visual agency Imagine Creative Ideas, has been in charge of developing the layout of the 2021 Exploitation Report of Aigües de Barcelona, ​​for which it was applied through a tender, in which they competed with other agencies, being designated for the creation of the digital layout of the annual report based on the style guides of the Brandbook, granted by the company.

Aigües de Barcelona, ​​is the Metropolitan Company for the Management of the Integral Water Cycle in Barcelona, ​​which has been operating for 150 years with initiative and innovation to offer water with the maximum guarantee of quality, and promoting the sustainability of the urban water cycle with the minimum environmental impact.

The Operating Report is presented annually from its web portal, which includes public information such as Drinking Water Supply, Customers, Ecofactories, Sewage, Alternative Water Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, Management Systems and Footprints, in which they compare most of its variables with respect to their value of the previous year.

To participate, it was applied through a technical report that included the methodology, vision and mission of the group, as well as a work plan where the phases, schedule and profiles of the team proposed for the development of the project were exposed.

After being selected, work was done on the revision and translation of the content proposal previously established by the client, initially made in Catalan, and later translated into Spanish. The challenge consisted of laying out a large number of tables in different visual formats, without losing the meaning of each of these and presenting the information in a visual, clear, structured and dynamic way for the user, avoiding monotonous content and offering a alternative that he did it diligently during his reading.

The Imagine Creative Ideas team works under the foundation and mission of exceeding customer expectations, while prioritizing the user’s needs and experience, achieving as a result a synergy in its proposals, as can be seen in the Exploitation Report, in which large amounts of information were presented in such a way that the user had access to the information in a visually attractive, clear and concrete way.

With this project, the team focused at all times on creating a design that adhered to the client’s requirements, following the basic look & feel guide given by the Aigües de Barcelona team, with whom they had continuous contact for reviews and approvals. of the project to achieve the visual unity of the annual report.

Thanks to the effort and involvement of the Imagine Creative Ideas Team, we can say that the 2021 Exploitation Report is now available. We invite you to meet her at the following link.

We are very proud to have participated in the realization of this project,Thank you Aigües de Barcelona for making it possible!




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