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Lifting Group participates in the “Singular Program” and bets on young talent

Lifting Group adheres to the “Singular Program” promoted by the Consell Comarcal del Vallès.

A project that was born with the aim of reinforcing the professional skills, employment and job placement of young people between 16-30 years of age who are not employed and who are not integrated into the education and/or training systems. In this sense, they can give the young group the opportunity to train, carry out business practices and acquire professional experiences that can later help them to find a job easier.

For this first quarter of this 2022, different trainings have been given under the name “Come2Industry” related to the new industrial vocations:

  • Digital transformation and circular economy.
  • Programming and maintenance of robots.
  • Digital communities and digital marketing.
  • Preparation and creation of web pages.

All this training received includes transversal orientation actions, student support, job prospecting and non-work practices.

Last week at Lifting Group we received a group of students who had just finished their training and where we were able to explain in detail the global operation of the company, the different profiles, tasks to be carried out and the vertical of our Marketing Outsourcing service. From this same group that participated in the visit to our offices, two students have been selected to do internships in one of our Lifting Group internal headquarters. What we expect and desire from this experience is that they can acquire the maximum knowledge thanks to the expertise of our teams and that they can learn how to manage different situations in the work environment.

At Lifting Group we attach great importance to the social responsibility of the company, which is why we always try to promote the employment of young people, providing them with opportunities to develop professionally, acquire values ​​and knowledge. We carry out internship agreements where students or recent graduates can contribute all the skills and competencies they have acquired during their years of study and thus add value to the company.



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