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Our agency Imagine Creative Ideas has created a customized Intranet for our clients

Our Imagine Creative Ideas agency is in charge of making each and every one of our clients’ visual and creative projects come true. Their expertise and creative vision allow the creation of unique brand experiences, thus making clients’ objectives come true. The objectives are clear: for the company to grow, improve its visibility, transmit its corporate values ​​and differentiate itself in the market.

Under this premise, our agency set itself the challenge of creating an Intranet, that is, a space where the client can interact not only with the team but also with the project on a recurring and active basis. With the creation of this space, communication with the client is facilitated and, in turn, the project complies with the established requirements and needs.

This private area has several functionalities so that the client can check the status of the project and can review each and every one of the phases in situ. For this purpose, the team has made several documents available so that the client can closely follow all the steps, including:

Introduction and purpose of the project
Graphic guide
Design System
Online web prototyping

Online web prototyping is essential because it allows the client from a very initial phase of the project to visualize in a very realistic way how the project will be visualized, once it is finished. This not only helps the client to have a more general and realistic vision, but also the design team who will know that they are on the right track at all times and that the project meets the client’s expectations.

As we have well commented in other articles, the concept of Mobile First in this type of project is essential and more so in the times in which we live today, where the increase in mobile devices is increasingly evident. Based on this need, our team is aware that the adaptability of the project in different screen formats must be considered in a very initial phase (except for those projects that do not require it due to business and / or modality).

Therefore, in addition to taking steps in the implementation of digitization systems, this space allows us to be closer than ever to our clients, knowing at all times which are the next steps to follow and at the same time offering total transparency, allowing the client be present at all times.



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