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Our client CST Grupo celebrates its 30th anniversary

CST Grupo is a freight forwarding company with 30 years of experience in the international freight transport sector throughout Europe. Their long history guarantees the experience and security they offer their clients in all their logistics services.

From its beginnings in 1991 when it only had 3 employees, the group has evolved into a large logistics and transport company with the ability to operate in international markets.

The emergence of a new company in the world of transport in Castellón caused mistrust between competitors and customers as it was a company as young as CTS Grupo. Little by little, with time and effort, they were able to establish themselves and begin to gain the trust of their clients in a mature market, managing to specialize in transport with Italy.

Innovation in the sector with the outsourcing of services and intermodality have been decisive in the composition of the DNA of this company. More recently, the diversification of services encompassing the broad spectrum of logistics and relocation guarantee the continuity of the company by expanding the variety and size of the client portfolio.

CST Grupo has been trusting Lifting Group as its Marketing Outsourcing Partner for 3 years, enough time to be part of its evolution and growth in its market. The Valencia team has been in charge of working and defining a strategy capable of considerably increasing traffic to the website, internationalizing the brand and improving the corporate image.

During this time in which the client has trusted us, we have been defining and designing strategies that have managed to improve the positioning of the website in strategic markets and sectors, allowing the Group to become a benchmark in the sector and managing to attract new potential clients.

A key and differentiating aspect of our Marketing Outsourcing team is meeting the needs and objectives of the company to design the tailored strategy. In addition, the team is completely versatile, capable of adapting its skills and dimensions according to the client’s situation and environment.

What actions is currently being carried out by our Marketing Outsourcing team?

  • Social Media strategy in order to attract new followers so that they can generate traffic to the web.
  • SEO and SEM positioning strategy in order to increase the Group’s visibility.
  • Email Marketing Strategy to build customer loyalty.
  • Internal Marketing Strategy to improve the corporate image.

From Lifting Group we love being present in the path of our clients and being part of their growth. We appreciate the trust placed not only in CTS Group for trusting us, but also in our teams for their commitment and continuous effort.



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