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NextVision, Lifting Group’s new Marketing Outsourcing client.

NextVision is a cybersecurity company that works to protect the business continuity of its clients, helping to manage the risks of cyberattacks in an intelligent way. They work in prediction, prevention, detection and response, providing innovation in each of its solutions through specialized professional services, so that the information of all its customers is always protected and available.

Faced with the question of how to evaluate cyber risk, NextVision offers the Vendor Risk Management service, which helps to categorize the suppliers of each organization by levels of criticality, and to understand the level of cyber risk that can be generated and minimize it.

For this service, NextVision works with Security Scorecard, a platform highlighted by Forrester & Gartner.

In addition, NextVision also focuses on the importance of building a cybersecure culture in organizations. That is why they have the Awareness Program, a service focused on communication and awareness of people in cybersecurity, in a context in which more than 80% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error.

NextVision helps transform organizational habits with comprehensive programs, so that all employees protect critical information and digital assets of the business. They eradicate improvisation, correctly prioritizing the assets to be protected to maintain business continuity.

The project started as the brainchild of two friends, who decided to join forces to help companies protect their information. With offices in Buenos Aires and Madrid, the company began to grow and transformed itself to offer an innovative approach to provide the best services to its customers, on the road to Digital Transformation with total security. NextVision has managed to create solid cybersecurity teams with the best of talents to be able to provide a quality service in line with the latest market trends.

With more than 30 years in the market, they seek to capitalize on their track record and be able to continue providing value to their clients, thanks to their innovative services.

Outsourcing Omnichannel

The company NextVision has decided to trust Lifting Group as its marketing partner, to consolidate its business in Spain and continue growing as they have done so far.

Our Omnichannel Marketing Outsourcing team in Madrid is carrying out a strategy focused on growth and increasing brand awareness and its assets in the Digital and Face-to-Face Channel. This strategy combines both the implementation of Digital Channel strategies, Branding, Relationship Marketing and B2B Commercial Strategy.

The team is developing all these actions, in order to achieve the challenge set by NextVision, to maximize its brand visibility in the Online Channel, as well as the creation of a strategy for customer loyalty.

A new strategy is also being defined along with specific actions in the brand’s social networks aligned with the strategy in the Digital Channel. Our Lifting Group team will develop the content, publications and strategic management of the brand’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube channels. Increasing traffic to the website, blog and channels of contact and interaction with their customers.

The company currently has a sponsorship agreement with ISMS Forum (Spanish association for the promotion of information security), so our team will also provide NextVision with the necessary support for the preparation of materials and assistance during these events. This scenario will become a reality once the global pandemic situation starts to improve and it will be possible to attend in person.

From Lifting Group, we are very grateful that NextVision has trusted us as their marketing partner. We will continue to implement each and every one of the strategies defined, as well as the development of the project in order to achieve the challenge set.



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