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Serlimp, consulting project | Value proposition and brand strategy

Serlimp is a company specialized in cleaning, industrial maintenance and waste management. Located in Olesa de Montserrat, the company has been focused on cleaning, maintenance, solutions at a mainly industrial and private level since 1981.

Its mission is focused on always offering a high level of professionalism and experience and on conserving the environment through the extraction, cleaning and maintenance of industrial surfaces and facilities. With this, they seek to be the leading reference company in the sector. Their long experience and journey help them to achieve this excellence. Its work is also aimed at conserving the environment.

Serlimp defines itself as a company that cares about its clients’ problems.

The WHY with which it is defined, extracted after the brand proposal project, is focused on contributing to sustainability by facilitating cleaning and comprehensive waste management for its customers.

After carrying out and developing the brand and value proposition of the Globergy brand, the need to do the same for the Serlimp brand was raised with a differential challenge, to start building the brand purpose from scratch.

After identifying the different Buyer Persona as well as the main competitors in the sector, the team held a Design Thinking session in order to redefine the new value proposition and brand positioning. Under this premise, it was possible to propose to the Serlimp team the brand positioning and marketing strategy for the year 2022.

The Design Thinking sessions are one of the key factors to be able not only to be aligned with the brand but also to be able to jointly define the future of Serlimp. After that the team was able to go down to the detail and work on the following:

  • Offering of services
  • Golden Circle: Why, How and What to define the value proposition
  • Customer Segmentation and Buyer Persona Archetypes
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Brand personality

After this meticulous process, the team was able to obtain and compile the strategic guides on the positioning of the brand. Thanks to this information and knowing the objectives of the brand, it has been possible to identify the key assets and actions to be developed for the correct communication of the new Serlimp positioning.

Thanks to the development of the project, it was possible to define the WHY or brand purpose as well as its values. This new proposal manages to be more consistent and in tune with the new range of services and audiences.

“Contribute to sustainability by making it easier for our customers to clean and comprehensively manage their waste”

On the other hand, based on the company and its new value proposition, a brand rebranding has been carried out where the aim was to create a new Naming and adapt all the new visual elements to the new values ​​of Serlimp; proximity, scope and experience.

The strategy for the new year will have clear focuses:

  • Transmit in the defined and established channels, the values ​​of closeness, scope and experience.
  • Position Serlimp as the expert Partner in cleaning and comprehensive waste management.
  • Establish an order of the brand’s current service portfolio and establish its correct communication to facilitate customer understanding and arouse interest.
  • Planning of long-term Partnership actions, focused on creating lasting relationships and bonds.
  • Generate visibility and brand awareness to encourage the hiring of services.
  • Improve and enhance commercial actions.
  • Define a communication aimed at industrial companies, companies in the nautical and naval sector, hotels and public bodies.

The project has been a before and after in the history of Serlimp with whom we will continue working side by side to continue writing the future of the brand.



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