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The Lifting Group Barcelona team is strengthened with new recruits

Lifting Group Barcelona strengthens its structure with new recruits that are going to join the Marketing Management Outsourcing and Online Marketing Management Outsourcing teams.

Àlex Castells was hired as Team Manager for leading the strategy and actions to be taken for clients such as Soloptical, Pixebuy, Rational, El Hipotecador, amongst others. Àlex has a Degree in Business Administration and has specialised in Digital Marketing in Postgraduate study. After gaining extensive experience working in various  digital marketing agencies, such as Tesubi or Cincuenta y Cinco, amongst others, he was hired by Lifting Group to manage one of the marketing teams of the group.

This team has been expanded to include three new members: Joan Castella, Albert Massa, Tom Gánadara join the team and also form part of the new recruits for 2017.

Joan Castellhas a degree in Tourism and specialises in International Tourism Management. He has worked on various projects related to the tourism sector, specialising in Project Management, Marketing and Communication, both online and offline. He now joins the team as  Junior Consultant.

Albert Massa holds an Advanced Technical Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management, having taken various specialist courses in e-commerce, as well as a Master in Digital Marketing. After some years specialising in the sector, implementing digital strategies and working with well-known brands such as  ISDIN and Gallina Blanca, amongst others, he has been hired by Lifting Group as Junior Marketing Consultant.

Lastly, the team is complete with Tom Gánadara holding a degree in Administration and Business Management and Industrial Design. He is currently studying for a Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce and joins the team as Assistant to grow together with the Lifting Group.

With these new recruits for 2017 the Marketing Team Barcelona is now strengthened to continue growing.

Welcome to the Team!




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