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The Lifting Group team continues to grow in Barcelona and in Valencia.

At Lifting Group we are celebrating the fact that we have two new hires, one each in Barcelona and Valencia, and in addition Gonzalo Guerra has passed from being a trainee in Valencia to a Junior.

Laia Buhigas, who joins one of the teams in Barcelona, is a recent graduate in Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and it would be natural to expect that Laia does not have any work experience, but the fact is that our new trainee has worked for a company which collaborates with Gas Natural, in the marketing and communication department and at a communication and events agency supporting the lifestyle team as social media assistant; she also took part in collaborations with influencer Instagrammers and Youtubers. All this means that she is the perfect candidate to form part of the Lifting Group team as a trainee.

Our second new hire, David Ortiz is definitely a great signing as trainee for our team in Valencia. He got a distinction in the Baccalaureate, which earned him a grant to study at the CEU University, where he graduated in Marketing. In his final year, he began as an intern at Havas Media. Later, he was in the department of marketing and communication at ITENE. He collaborated briefly at the marketing department of a consultancy firm and finally joined the workforce here at Lifting Group.

Gonzalo Guerra sets an example for any trainee. He joined us to get work experience which would allow him to grow professionally and learn day by day, surrounded by professionals with a lot of experience, working side-by-side with colleagues from other disciplines, countries and different backgrounds, but sharing the same values of achievement and the quest for excellence which characterises all the employees of Lifting Group. For this reason, Gonzalo has fitted in rapidly to working with us and has been promoted to junior consultant as a member of the Lifting Group Valencia team. Congratulations Gonzalo!

We are very excited about these new hires, who will without a doubt contribute a lot of value to the Lifting Group family, and they consolidate our commitment to identifying young talent to bring into the teams of Lifting Group.




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