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New recruits in 2018

We at Lifting Group are constantly driving forward the talent of our teams. We are always on the lookout to hire profiles which increase our added value for clients. Also, we look for young talents, and believe that it is possible to be both young and very well-prepared. Little by little, our Strategy and Marketing Agency and Consultancy is growing in clients and team. This is why today we welcome four new members: Eduardo Martinez, Alejandro Muñoz, Alejandro Quintana and Raúl Garrido.

The adventure of Eduardo Martínez in the world of marketing, communication and advertising began when he worked as a salesman at a company; during this period, he underwent a lot of training in Marketing, Advertising and Sales.

That was when he decided to study Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Seville. During his time at university, Eduardo acquired professional experience with an advertising agency, rubbing elbows with significant figures on the Spanish advertising scene.

Later, he made the most of a stay in Brazil to create a small hostel situated in the “favelas” zone, together with a colleague. Also, during the same period, we worked for a hotel chain in Sao Paulo as communications director.

He has now become the Team Leader of the Outsourcing team of Lifting Group.

Alejandro Muñoz is our technician on the Services On Demand team, specializing in Social Media and Content. A new signing for Lifting Group, he will undoubtedly bring a lot of added value. A graduate in fashion design, with a master’s in fashion marketing and communication, he is currently taking a degree in marketing and market research: his profile combines the creative with the technical.

He worked as social media strategy manager with an agency, designing content strategies, boosting the reputation of different clients and conducting public relations campaigns, as well as covering events for brands of the Inditex and Cortefiel Groups. As we said, he now forms part of the Lifting Group family, so he is starting a new phase where he will be able to develop his full potential.


Our new trainee for the team in Valencia, Alejandro Quintana, started out working toward a degree in English studies, to then take an intensive course in German at Universität Eichstätt, though as we will see, he took a radical departure toward his professional future.

He got a job as a promotion assistant for Ebay ads, and it was in this period of his career that he realized that marketing and communication were his thing, he enjoyed it and wanted to dedicate himself to it. Thus, he decided to increase his knowledge of the subject with a course on Marketing and Communication 2.0, which allowed Alejandro to become a marketing assistant at a curtain company. Alejandro’s spirit of perseverance led him to travel and settle in Germany, to work as a tester for Audi Online shops.

He now forms part of the Lifting Group team, to exploit all his talent and reach his maximum potential.


We present Raúl Garrido, who is our new assistant on the Marketing Outsourcing team. Raúl has a dynamic and youthful spirit, just what we like at Lifting Group. We think this new hire will bring plenty to the projects of the Outsourcing team.

Raúl studied political sciences at the University of Granada. Later, he did a master’s in economics and marketing management, which led him to an internship at a technology company; there, and after three months’ training, he got a job as assistant manager, in which post he carried out a variety of duties around the company; however, what he liked best was those related to marketing and sales, looking for new clients and tracking them. In the area of marketing, he carried out duties related to managing the company website, uploading the content and managing the ecommerce platform of that company.

Now that he’s a member of the Lifting Group family, he can develop professionally in an excellent working environment.


We welcome all of you to the Lifting Group team, we are very happy to have you with us and we hope you’ll feel at home here.



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