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Lifting Group Valencia begins training conferences with their clients

At Lifting Group, we work to help and improve our clients’ business operations, creating growth strategies and taking action to achieve their goals and objectives.

Under our slogan “Our clients, our success”, we aren’t just about creating marketing strategies for different brands. We work closely with them so that communication is as effective as possible. We are present at every step of the way which allows us to be present throughout the whole journey.

That’s why we have started online marketing training conferences for our clients at  our offices in Valencia. With this, we are aiming to explain in great detail some of the key aspects of strategies so that our clients can expand their knowledge and see for themselves how digital marketing strategies can be applied on a day-to-day basis.




By becoming aware of the actions carried out at different stages and the reasons behind them, clients can start to understand and appreciate the continuous line between an action, its objectives and their results.

With all this, Lifting Group aims to work more closely with its clients and show a commitment to transparency in its actions. This is why their achieved objectives are shown in detail and the implemented resource optimization is shown as part of the day-to-day strategy.

The pilot test was carried out with our client Plymag, an agro-nutrient company located in the Valencia region. With more than 40 years of worldwide distribution, this company has trusted Lifting Group and its Marketing Outsourcing services for the last 2 years.

During the session, we had the opportunity to show the implications of some actions and the time it took to put them in place. In addition, clients were able to get involved in the digital marketing strategy process through activities that allowed them to make their own contributions in small steps.

The day was a success for both parties, and at Plymag they were very happy with this training. Several areas and topics were covered, and it was both an educational as well as a strategic experience.

As always, we appreciate their participation and we hope to continue putting on these sessions for the rest of our clients so that we can carry on growing together and strengthening our relationships.

Our clients are our success!



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