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July Editorial: Happy August, everyone

Finishing the remaining hours of this July 2016, we are already ending the course. Only the month of August is left which, holidays aside, we will make the most of in order to rest and revise ideas, challenges and projects better.

In our case, on an internal level, apart from the fact that we don’t stop – given that along with our customers we have carried on ‘setting ourselves homework’ so as not to deviate from the proposed objectives and strategies – we are also making the most of this period to revise improvements in the teams’ work methodology and to do internal training, as much in operation as in management and coordination.

With the goal of continuing to improve both in the quality of the service that we offer and the added value we provide and how we do it, we want the whole Lifting Group team to have the same focus and feel proud to be a part of the company.

In this editorial I will be brief and I would like to pass on and wish happy holidays and a well-deserved rest to everybody. The next course is rapidly approaching; the implication of channels in the strategies requires complex solutions that provide simple answers. Simple both in their implementation as well as in their result which, in the end, always results in an increase of sales, a stronger presence and a better quality perception of the brand.

As always, we will be on our customers’ side to take on every challenge with success.

Happy August to everyone!!



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