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Superwagen and Lifting Group join forces again to resume the Omnichannel Marketing Outsourcing service.

Superwagen has once again placed its trust in our Lifting Group team for the development and implementation of the Omnichannel Marketing Outsourcing service, helping to respond quickly and effectively to market dynamics.

Superwagen and Lifting Group are good acquaintances since we have been working together for more than 9 years, and after a 2-year break, we are working together again with great enthusiasm and gratitude!!!!

Superwagen was born in the 80’s and at that time already had marked in its DNA the passion for the engine thanks to its founder Juan Fernandez, renowned racing driver. With more than 25 years of experience and with complete and powerful facilities, it has established itself as one of the reference dealerships in the Vallés area, obtaining high levels of quality and customer satisfaction, both in sales and after sales.

What started as a Volkswagen dealership in Sabadell, has become a solid group with facilities of more than 20,000 m2, managing brands such as Volkswagen itself, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and workshops in Sabadell and Sant Cugat.

Its growth and notoriety have been the result of constant work and the quality of the details both in the attention and sales service as well as in the after-sales service.

Superwagen also offers its customers the latest in Volkswagen Original Accessories, with a service of installation of the same giving a customization of the vehicle with the highest quality guarantees.

Thanks to its team of highly qualified professionals, they ensure that the experience in each of its facilities is as satisfactory as possible from the time the vehicle is received until it is delivered. For them, what really matters is that you return to the dealership, that’s why they are committed to a customized and quality service.

Our Marketing Outsourcing team is already working on the need to create a new approach to the company’s comprehensive marketing management, while optimizing its Digital Strategy, as a commercial axis and with the aim of increasing customer loyalty.

All these actions will be part of an omnichannel strategy that will be included in the Omnichannel Marketing Outsourcing service of our Lifting Group team with the main objective of enhancing and increasing visibility and continuing to bring Superwagen closer to its customers.

From Lifting Group we are once again grateful for the opportunity given to us by our customers to continue building new challenges and to continue acquiring greater expertise. We are proud to be able to develop a project like this, which motivates and engages each of our teams.



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